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Copywriting portfolio


Here are some snapshots of work that I've done in the past. Want to see more? Or better yet, want to discuss something new that you need written or edited? Well then, please get in touch.

 A dramatic company history                      
'The smell of natural gas was unmistakable. It was a smell you could see. The vapours rose clearly in the sunlight, and stank of rotten eggs. But to the explorer George Reynolds it was the best thing he had smelled in seven years...'

I wrote a short history of BP for the company's centenary. It was a fascinating project. In many ways, of course, the history of an oil and gas company is the history of humankind over the last hundred years or so, for better and worse.

'BP is making changes to how we manage our operations  strengthening our governance, safety culture and relationships with contractors and stakeholders...' 


BP's history took an abrupt turn in 2010 with the Deepwater Horizon disaster. For the next four years, I helped write the annual BP Sustainability Review, during a period when the group was focused on refining its goals and regaining trust. 

             Sustainability under the spotlight 
'A business park that will change the shape of Cairo business life...'

Developers SODIC are creating two fully functioning new cities in the desert on either side of Cairo. With Figtree Creative, I helped with brand writing and brochures for The Polygon business park and other flagship developments at Eastown and Westown.

 Something new for Cairo                      

'Neighbour is on a mission to create the very best apartment-living communities that the UK, and maybe the world, has ever seen.'


Working with design duo Jaques Vanzo, I provided words and ideas for Neighbour, an all-new brand of rented apartments that could soon be ubitiquitous in UK cities.

             Rentals that are 'good for everyone' 
'We're not naive. You see other companies. We see other media. So let's be realistic, shall we? Who are YOO, in 15 words or less? We're not just developers, we're daring developers who design, market and invest...'

I wrote copy for a new website for yoo, a property developer with a distinct modern style and a distinctly 'tongue in chic' voice.

 A developer with a point of view                    
'In the Dolce Vita era, it was common for a single design house to put its imprint on every aspect of a new luxury hotel – from its chandeliers down to its coffee spoons. The Bulgari Hotel & Residences, London, revives this tradition for the modern era...'


Before the opening of the Bulgari Hotel & Residences in London, I wrote copy for multiple brochures and websites promoting the hotel and its luxurious private residences.

             A jewellery box of a hotel 
 'Helping young people out'                      

'This isn’t about winners or losers. It’s about what can happen when you offer a listening ear to someone who’s never been asked how they feel or what they’d really like to do in life...'


When an existing charity boldly relaunched as Catch22, a name picked to change perceptions and emphasise the no-win situations that many of Britain's young people find themselves in, I helped out with brand and web copy.

'Icebergs and blue ice, blazing sunsets and the aurora lights. Antarctica has been dazzling newcomers since the first recorded expedition to the region in 1738...'


It was armchair travel at its most extreme. For 11 days in 2009, I sat in my office in London and curated stories being sent back from Expedition Antarctic, a climate-awareness journey for 60 high-achieving young people. At times, even I was seasick.

             Armchair travel. The stories are real 
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